A Friendly Reminder That Travis Pastrana Is One Of The Raddest Dudes To Ever Live

I don't really know what happened to the X-Games. There was a time when it was a pretty massive event. Maybe it was the popularity of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, maybe it was because every kid on the block was still getting a CCS Catalog in the mail every month, maybe it's because we were way more rad as kids than this current generation of dorks are. But over the years, the attention that extreme sports get has dropped off a cliff. 

So every once in a while we just need a quick reminder of how insane these sick bastards are. Of how twisted their minds are that they have been able to completely shut off whatever part of the brain controls the sense of fear. And out of all these maniacs, Travis Pastrana is one of the sickest and most twisted. And speaking of twisted...

It's one thing to even come up with the idea in your head that a dirt bike can move like that through the air. It's a completely different thing to go out there and fuck that trick up enough times that you're eventually able to turn the idea in your head into nailing it in real life. There are at least 4 separate moments during that trick where any normal human being with a regular brain would have double stuffed their pants with shit. Somehow Travis Pastrana seemed even more nonchalant about that trick than he did in the Pastrana 500. 

Still got the dub though. Sick sick sick individual.