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Old Guy Goes HAM On A Recorder While Sitting In Traffic




I’ll be honest, that doesn’t exactly pass the Fake or Real smell test but I’m gonna go with it because I want it to be real.  Life’s too short.  I’m putting my blind trust in the internet and hoping they don’t lead me astray.  Never the smartest thing to do but whatever.  If that isn’t fake then the cop who pulled up next to him at the end of the video might want to stop him and ask a few questions.  Just some simple ones.  Like, “Are you on Molly?” or “Sir, why the fuck are you still playing the recorder as a grown man?”  That’s the real thing I want to know.  Why didn’t he ever upgrade from that particular instrument?  I had a recorder when I was like 9.  Everybody did back then.  It’s the lowest of the low instruments.  My Mom bought it for me at a creepy music store down the street.  I went to music class the next day, played it once, realized how stupid the instrument was and never picked it up again.  But now here’s this old guy, still jamming out to it decades later in the middle of LA traffic.  Confusing to say the least.