Alex Trebek's Final Jeopardy Episodes Will Air This Week

Snap back to reality, folks. Christmas break is over, we all feel like shit, and that feeling is only going to be made worse with Jeopardy rolling out the final episodes of Alex Trebek's first ballot Hall of Fame career. 

Obviously you wish Alex was still around to watch these episodes along with the outpouring of love that came along with them from the comfy perch of retirement in LA with his beautiful wife. But I think the amount of people who reached out through letters, emails, and even kind words on the show once Alex's cancer diagnosis was made public gave the Gameshow GOAT a solid idea of the impact he made on the world and how much everyone loved him. 

Those two videos get me every time. 

I have no clue what Jeopardy will look like in the future or if they will ever settle on a permanent host that has the unenviable task of trying to fill Trebek's size 100000000 shoes. But I do know it will never be the same after Alex's final sign off on Friday.