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Bill Walton Spent The Final Minutes Of 2020 Howling At The Moon Live On TV

What? You actually thought Bill Walton called a game sober ... on New Year's Eve? Not so fast my friends. Bill Walton put on perhaps his best showing yet by howling at the moon. Do we need context? Absolutely not. You just need to listen to Bill Walton howl at the moon. But our friend Mick Foley chimed in with a different opinion. One that we've never thought of before. 

Maybe Walton has this different personality when he's calling games. I've said it before but there are different levels of Walton. He's the highest version when he's out in Maui, there's no debate there. Then there's the Saturday Pac-12 games where everyone is a little toasty and Walton bites into a lit candle. But there's a new level. There's New Year's Eve Walton. 

He's just the very definition of a national treasure and a man who should be protected at all costs. Some things get old after years of repetitiveness, but others are great for a reason that no one can describe besides perfection of consistency. Something you can depend on. And year-in, year-out, game after game, Bill Walton being high as balls attempting to call a basketball game is one of those things I’ll never get tired of no matter how often I see it. So if Walton is going to howl at the moon to end 2020, we're starting 2021 that way.