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If you're looking for the best Mexican restaurant south of Boston look no further than Jalapenos Grill. In addition to using the finest ingredients for delicious food, Jalapenos offers up over 100 types of tequilas, dozens of margaritas and cocktails, and cold beer.



Reader Email

Dear El Presidente & Barstool Nation,

We are the Dorronsoro Family and we are writing to you on behalf of our dad, Ricardo Dorronsoro, founder and owner of Jalapenos Mexican Grill in Walpole, Massachusetts. 

We need a lifeline and we are asking you to help save our family restaurant. 

Over 30 years ago our father left Mexico in order to follow the love of his life -- our mother -- and build a life. 

After legally immigrating to the USA, he moved to Jamaica Plain with our mother and his future mother-in-law and set out to pursue the American Dream.

He worked in the restaurant industry for his entire life in various roles - from busser to  server to manager and everything in between. 

Yet his real dream was always to start his own business, using his mother’s recipes, here in our hometown. With the help of our mom and a lot of hard work he successfully opened the doors to Jalapenos 15 years ago. 

Over the last 15 years our dad has done everything he can to keep the restaurant running. It is his pride and joy and, ultimately, a testament to what hard work can do. Most importantly though, Jalapenos has always been a way to support and provide for his family. 

The last 15 years have also been filled with countless memories for our family. Moments we cherish and will never forget.

Our first jobs, Thursday night family dinners, youth sports team fundraisers, decorating for holidays and celebrating important moments with our community. 

It makes us happy to know that it is not only our own family who have memories like these at Jalapenos, but all of our supportive customers as well. 

On top of being a hard worker, our dad may have one of the biggest hearts out there.

He is always looking to help those around him in whatever way he can. Whether it be a job, a free meal, or even just a second chance. He is always willing to help those in need, no questions asked. 

Now we are hoping that someone else can open their heart to him. 

Although he tries his best to hide it, we know it is killing our dad to slowly watch his dreams near an end. Not only does his heart hurt for us, but for all of our employees that we truly consider family as well.

The pandemic has brought on tremendous difficulties that we could have never expected, and unfortunately we are hanging on by a thread. We only have a few months in us before the future begins to look very bleak. 

As if these problems weren't enough, our dad’s mother (our Abuela) unexpectedly passed away right before Christmas. 

When he first opened Jalapenos, she was the source of inspiration for all of the recipes and meals on our menu. It’s her authentic cooking, the meals of our father’s childhood, that warm the stomachs and the hearts of everyone that walks through our doors.

All of this has been extremely stressful and hard on our family, but especially on our dad. He will never stop fighting to save Jalapenos, but we wish he didn't have to fight so hard. 

Receiving help from you guys would be a huge blessing, and would truly help save our restaurant. 

It would mean less suffering and a little more hope for our family. So if you are reading this and can help us out, words would not even begin to express our thanks. 

Thank you for creating this fund and providing small businesses all across the country a chance to get through these tough times.

God Bless America, go Patriots, and long live local businesses!

With Love, 

The Dorronsoro Family