Yankees Take 2 of 3 In Boston and Take 3.5 Game Lead In AL East

Big series win against a team that was surging, but at the end of the day the Yankees are a first place team and the Red Sox are a last place team. It was fun messing around with Sox fans on Twitter all weekend, but the Red Sox just aren’t a good baseball team. Now that the series is over it’s time to focus on the task at hand, getting ready for the 2nd half.

With a 3.5 game lead, this team is in a position no one thought they would be in, and with the addition of Refsnyder, have shown that we can get better with the available additions. The key now is for this older and banged up roster to get some rest for the next few days while Cashman hopefully hits the phones to see what it out there for in terms of a trade.

I’ll do a full first half report card in the next few days, but this team just won 3 straight series without any major streaks in either direction. Showing that they can just be a consistent team that wins series, should give every Yankee fan a positive outlook and the rest of the division nightmares.

PS: Thank god Refsnyder showed he could hit in those last 2 at bats, so we know he will stay up on the big team and the Drew era is ending.