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Stand Up Comedy in 2021 Is Going To Be Unbearable

The other day I was scrolling through twitter and I just kept on seeing tweet after tweet about "2020." 

Yes, 2020 sucks and everyone gets that. The pandemic sucks and it definitely ruined the year. However, you know what might suck a little more? The non stop jokes that are about to plague the earth in 2021 that reference 2020.


In all seriousness I can actually see this happening. It would be such a quick and easy way to get the crowd all riled up right in the beginning of a set. 

Literally just any variation of this. 

"So 2020 is over...finally!"

*crowd loses their fucking mind*

You could say I'm wrong but I'm not. I guarantee that in every single comedy special released in 2021 they will reference 2020 and it's going to get old quick.