We Got The First Trailer For Coming To America 2 Today

As someone that has already said he was a bit skeptical of a Coming To America sequel, I'll admit that this trailer didn't look all that bad. I didn't like seeing King Jaffe Joffer appear to be going the way of Mufasa and Prince Akeem slinging some seed with a random New York lady seemed a bit out of character. But seeing all the fellas at the barbershop are somehow still kicking and putting in an honest day's work while busting balls despite being roughly 100 years old by my calculations made me happy, even if they are feeling the impacts of a problematic world in 2020.

Speaking of which, what is Coming 2 America going to be rated anyway?

Giphy Images.

Fuck it, I'm out. If they released this movie in March of 2020 when there was no other new content on TV or during Christmas break, I may have jumped on it. But since we will likely be busy with work and sports and whatever else is going on then, I will be spending my time elsewhere. Best of luck with the money grab Eddie, Arsenio, and Mr. Snipes. But unless everyone on the internet says this was a pleasant surprise, I'll stick with the original.