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You Guys Wanna Watch THAT Scene From The Season 2 Finale Of The Mandalorian Again? Good, Me Too!

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I know it's Monday, which means we are past the embargo to talk about what happened in the previous week's episode of The Mandalorian according to the No Spoilers Accords of 2019. But I didn't want to ruin anything in the headline for Stoolies that may have had a crazy weekend and couldn't carve out an hour to watch/geek out to that scene while also not ignoring one of the biggest scenes in recent Star Wars history because people couldn't sneak away from life for 40 minutes. 

Of course the scene above perfectly edited to show Luke going HAM on the Dark Troopers (whose three strengths admittedly seem to be their appearance, entrance music, and ability to punch) while also adding just enough quirky edits that it wouldn't appear on Disney's radar so The Mouse Empire doesn't blast the video off the internet with a fully operational Cease & Desist Star. 

Anyway, that scene was so great. Not just because we finally got a glimpse of seeing what post-Jedi Luke Skywalker was like at the peak of his powers instead of as a depressed old guy swigging warm green milk fresh out of an alien sea donkey's titty or that it showed perfect symmetry of how Luke and his dad wiped out a bunch of motherfuckers using only The Force and a lightsaber.

But because it finally brought the Star Wars fanbase back together after the sequel trilogy ripped them apart. Star Wars fans are always going to complain because that's what nerds do. Shit, that's just what people do. Sports fans complain about their favorite team no matter how good or bad they are and clash over players all the time. As a Giants fan, I am currently living through a Daniel Jones Civil War with other Giants fans which is a zero sum game for everyone, just like Star Wars fans being at each others' throats the last few years because of a few divisive movies were released. Thankfully, I think that scene wiped all those bad feelings from our memories and got us excited for the zillion upcoming Star Wars projects on Disney+.

Oh yeah, that scene also ruled because my favorite character in all of Star Wars showed up, the Big Shot Bob of a galaxy far, far away.

Seeing that spunky little bastard that was somehow born with the clutch gene despite being a droid injects so much dopamine into my brain every single time.

Also I can't forget to include the Book of Boba Fett post credits scene that some people missed because their body instinctively turns off the TV once they see names on their TV screen.

If this incredible shot of the bad ass bounty hunter with the coolest name and his right hand chick sitting on the throne of a crime syndicate doesn't tickle your plums/lady plums, you are truly missing out.

It's crazy to think that The Mandalorian went from being viewed as a new character running a collection of side quests to being the foundational piece of the zillions of pieces of Star Wars content that Disney announced last week. Yet here we are.

All things considered, I think we can all agree that today is a great day to be a Star Wars fan, which is something I don't think many of us saw happening again after The Last Jedi, Solo, and Rise Of Skywalker came out. But it's here thanks to Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau and I cannot thank them enough.

For more Mando chatter, I joined Robbie Fox on today's My Mom's Basement to break down all the awesomeness from Friday's finale and what all of it could mean going forward in the Star Wars universe.