Insanity: Mike Greenberg Says That He Eats All Foods With A Knife And Fork, Including Chicken Wings

The picture above made its debut on Super Bowl Sunday back in February. And yes, you're seeing things correctly - that's ESPN's Mike Greenberg eating chicken wings with a knife and fork.

And earlier this week, Greeny appeared on the Slow News Day podcast to not only confirm this take, but DOUBLE DOWN on it:

“There is nothing you should not eat with a knife and fork except for things that must be eaten with a spoon.” - Mike Greenberg

Off the top of my head, here are some foods that should NEVER require utensils:

- Chicken wings (shoutout Greeny)

- Sandwiches, wraps, and burritos

- Grapes

- Chips

- Cookies

Noam Galai. Getty Images.

I'm probably forgetting a bunch. And while we are on the topic, here are some foods that if you don't use utensils, you are on the opposite end of the Greeny crazy scale:

- Pasta

- Chinese food

- Salad

- Rice

- Pancakes/waffles/french toast

This may be a hot take, although I have seen plenty of people do it: pizza with utensils is okay, especially if it is really hot and/or you are wearing nice clothes and want to avoid getting messy. French fries with a fork is something you can get away with as well, depending on the situation.

As for my lists above, what am I missing? Probably a ton. But we can have debates on what needs utensils or not for a while. The bottom line is this: Mike Greenberg using utensils for chicken wings is one of the craziest things I have seen on the internet.