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Jabril Peppers Said He Was Pumped When He Found Out On Twitter That The Browns Traded For Odell Beckham...Until He Found Out He Was Being Traded To The Giants

Ahhhhhh yes, the Odell Beckham trade. I, like many Giants fans, remember exactly where I was when I found out about that trade that the Giants did not sign Odell Beckham to execute. I was in my living room, writing some sort of an update blog about the Knicks since it was a little more than a month after they had traded Kristaps Porzingis when I saw this tweet about how now the most exciting player on my favorite FOOTBALL team got traded.

Mike Garafolo may not have been joking but the entire Twitterverse was with millions of NFL fans using that GarBomb as an alley oop pass to themselves to dunk on Giants fans while Browns fans used it to fill up some tissues with liquid happiness. Apparently Jabril Peppers was doing the same as the thought of going from being a teammates with a bunch of other guys who were 0-16 a year earlier to having maybe the coolest player in the NFL was probably an awesome feeling. 

Then Schefty dropped this bomb on the Twitterverse as well as poor Jabril's happy little world.

Brutal. You want to talk about which Giant has the most revenge in their heart for this week, how about Jabril looking to get revenge on the Browns for not only making him go from thinking he was going to be a co-star in Odell's locker room dance parties to being banished to what NFL players probably called the Gettleman Graveyard, but for making him find out on Twitter. Granted Odell was reportedly asking opposing players to trade for him during last season and Peppers has become a Pro Bowl caliber safety back in his home state. But I'm sure he was pretty pissed going from the NFL's next cool team after sloshing through the miles of shit that comes with playing for a winless team to the team that appeared to be doing all they could to replace that team as a punchline, at least before Coach Judge arrived.

Don't forget how you felt on that fateful March day, Jabril. We are going to need as much of the R-word (no not that one) as possible to fuel the secondary now that James Bradberry is out.