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Rebirth Island Is Here In Warzone And It's Definitely NOT Based On Alcatraz

Nope.  Totally not Alcatraz.  Definitely not.  Especially when this happened:

Wild stuff.  Nevertheless, myself and the great Nicky Cass are here to investigate.  What happened the last time our Italian TikTok brethren joined forces with Gametime.  Not much, just an almighty Civil War of Gabagool: 

What started as a friendly game of Madden ended up being an accusation of God given heritages.  Frankie Borelli and his father were lucky to be overcharging for water instead of at HQ.   Pisano Balls got incredibly out Guido'd by Nicholas Cass.  And that Tom Scibelli (Smokes) thinking he can speak the tongue of the Old Country?  Mi scusi!  

Give him a follow on TikTok and instagram and wherever Testosteroni is sold.  

And now, we dance.  

In Verdansk.