Biggest Loser Of The Day, Jared The Subway Guy's Moobs

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Fuck man. It’s one thing to get investigated for child pornography and have the Cops kick down your door, it’s a whole other to have the whole world see your floppy ass titties bouncing around on the internet. Absolutely crushing to get that picture taken of you when you don’t have a chance to suck in, adjust your arms, or put on a bra. Brutal Jared, even I can feel bad for you on this one. Also getting investigated for Child porn is probably worse now that I’ve written this entire blog out and read it back to myself. Final answer 1a. Getting investigated for child porn 1b. having your moobs flop around the internet.





This is why you don’t lose weight if you’re an obese person. Being skinny is not worth the extra skin that makes everyone want to puke.


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