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Kyrie Irving And Kevin Durant Hopped On Instagram To Talk Over Some Offensive Strategy

What a treat. Such an incredibly rare look into a meeting between two players and also two coaches. If you'll recall, everyone on the Nets regardless of age, title or salary, is a coach now.

So in this meeting we have head coach/starting point guard Kyrie Irving discussing with head coach/starting forward Kevin Durant about Kyrie's post touches. It's a good thing NBA contracts basically negotiate themselves for stars because if Kyrie had to actually pitch a reason as to why he deserved a max he'd be up shit's creek without a paddle. Head coach KD was not budging off those two and a half post touches not even if there was a fire. 

Kyrie certainly felt the disrespect and tried to make his case after hearing that 5'11" Chris Chiozza was as tall as he was. Even in the NBA, in a League full of humans taller than 99% of the world, people still don't like short jokes. What's wild to me is that Kyrie even wants 7-8 post ups a game. We're talking about one of the best perimeter players in the League openly pleading to get in the low block and get his George Mikan on. I wonder if this is Kyrie's thought process on trying to get to the line more since his lay up package often lends to avoiding contact than drawing it. Whereas straight posting someone up - even with whatever footwork and hesitations Kyrie will throw at a defender - would lead to much more contact on a shot-to-shot basis. In a League that has moved closer to the half court line than the rim since the arrival of Steph Curry, it's genuinely fascinating to hear that a 6'2" point guard wants to post up more and not dance on the perimeter and force up a contested 30-footer. 

Luckily for the Nets, KD isn't having any of it. You can get your two post touches a game and you can pass me the ball and stand at the top of the key in case I need a bail out. If those two post ups result in points we can talk about more for that game and that game only. Sound good? Awesome. Great meeting, coach. See you out there.