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Luka Garza Hit The Jordan Shrug After Making Back-To-Back-To-Back-Back Three Pointers Against Iowa State


Holy fucking shit man. Holy fucking SHIT. Luka Garza is such a problem and I am so goddamn happy to be an Iowa Hawkeye fan at this moment in time. Dude threw up the Jordan shrug after hitting back-to-back-to-back-to-back three pointers. I thought the nets were gonna catch on fire like in NBA JAM. Just imagine if fans were a thing in 2020. The roof at Carver would've collapsed during that stretch. 34 points. 13-14 from the field. 6-7 from three. He did all of that in 17 minutes of play. SEVENTEEN MINUTES. At one point he scored 21 points IN A ROW for Iowa. This is awesome. He's a player unlike anyone the University of Iowa has ever had. I can't stop talking about how awesome it is that the team I root for has Luka Garza on it. He's a fucking savage. Luka got two fouls early on in the game so Fran McCaffery sat him for the rest of the half. Luka then came out for the second half ready to breathe fire and that's what he did. 34 points in 17 minutes. Fuck Iowa State. Are we just gonna go ahead and win it all this year? I think we might.