Hardo Mailman Won't Let The Tour de France Stop Him From Making His Deliveries




GET’EM.  Hey the mail isn’t going to deliver itself, people.  Rain or shine.  Snow or sleet.  Tour de France or no Tour de France.  That mail is getting to your doorstep whether you like it or not and it’s thanks to guys like him. You have to at least respect the dude’s hustle.  Ripping down barriers, tossing his bike around and, of course, threatening to knock a woman’s teeth out.  All in the name of mail delivery.  I like to think that guy is a failed Tour de France participant.  He simply couldn’t cut it on the bike racing circuit so instead he had to become a mail man who delivers mail by bike.  So now he’s just bitter and every time the Tour de France rolls around he gets even more bitter.  This time he finally snapped and started ripping down barriers and almost punching women. Maybe one day he’ll give professional bike riding another shot. Maybe he won’t.  I think I just wrote Disney’s next sports movie.