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20 Year Old Pete Davidson Made His SNL Debut Last Night And Stole The Show


Pete Davidson is the talk of the Internet right now after killing it on SNL last night. And for good reason. Cause he’s hilarious. And 20 years old. When they announced he was joining the show in September, I was like no fucking way. Cause he was a comedian that I had randomly stumbled upon and started to really like. I’m definitely that hipster who will be like no fair I knew of him first before he was popular.

Now you might be thinking that the concept of blowing a guy has been beaten down on Barstool, but you have to remember we aren’t SNL. Which by the way, we could be. Weekend Update sucked. They used stories we’ve blogged this month and told less funny jokes about them. So when people bitch about reblogs, even though we blog about 100 blogs a day, suck our dicks. You’re getting funnier, better content daily than you get on a national television show weekly.