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Tattoo "Artists" Are Hating And Couldn't Be More Jealous Of My Tattoo Portfolio


Yesterday I released my professional tattoo portfolio so the world could see I was serious about ink. I haven't been in the tat game for more than 24 hours and I already have tattoo veterans with millions of followers trying to cut me down. The ones that hate me the most look just like me, you tell me what that means?


No respect for tattooing? You have to start somewhere, and I'm the hungriest artist in the game. ROTY with line work. Has this guy even seen my spider tat on a tiny clementine 10 minutes after getting the machine fired up?  



Yes, I forgot a leg but at least I didn't add an extra. Meanwhile, this guy's tattoos are not only offensive to tattoos, but art in general. That horrible face blob tattoo? I'd be willing to use my expertise to fix it up for him.



Also, has this guy ever been asked for his work to be displayed in a museum of modern art or placed on a Barstool t-shirt? Didn't think so.