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Lowering The Bar: My Professional Tattoo Portfolio

With Lowering The Bar becoming LA Ink overnight, it's time to start posting my professional work in a portfolio so that C-list celebs and people with extremely depressing backstories can start getting inked when they come through the office.

Here are some of the major pieces of inked on some clients, along with some ringing reviews of my gentle touch.

Kayce - Smiley Face:  "Most perfect tattoo ever given. Flawless linework and color. Makes me smile when I look at it.

Bailey - Gradeschool S: I am happy with my tattoo. It has the authenticity of a fancy S I would’ve drawn myself on a notebook back in the day. Considering it was the first tattoo Vibbs ever gave? 9.5/10

Feits - Sourpatch Kid: 1st sober tattoo which made me worry it would be a painful experience, quite the opposite, you were gentle and tender. 

The Wonton Don - Added an apostrophe on World's Still Spinnin(') "Sufficient. Adequate. Accurate."


Nick - His Grandma: "It's there. You know, it's on my leg. Forever."

My tattoos are extremely limited and exclusive, but now for a limited time, you can own a piece of modern art.