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Do You Think Hardos Should Be Allowed To Breed?

Doesn't matter!  There's no laws or regulations against reproduction, and we've done gone did it!  We're gonna be a baby daddy! Well, maybe.  If it's not D-I we're putting it right back.  Just kidding!  Probably!

But seriously, it's been a wild ride here at Barstool Sports over the past 10+ years (a decade????  Good GOD).  Even though there's a lot of stuff that's still private and will stay that way, there are some things that are just unavoidable.  My wife and I are extremely happy and blessed to be welcoming our first child into the world this May.  I'm still not 100% sure how to involve a child in both the real world and, well, whatever the hell this life is at Barstool, but the cat couldn't really stay in the bag forever.  As long as it's happy and healthy (only the latter confirmed so far), then I'm good.  But other than this and when the baby is born, I'm not exactly sure if they'll ever be public again until, as Homer Simpson once promised, "When you're 18 you're out of the house".  But we would sincerely like to thank everyone for the love we've received from both internally at Barstool and the people.   

Now, back to the important matters at hand - Here's some #NeverGoFullHardo content for you to get used to as another dominate member of the pack enters this realm of glory:      

Can't Apologize For Making A Girl Cry In Dodgeball.  Won't - FULL BLOG HERE

Coed Intramural Beer League Softball 

More Coed Dodgeball, for some reason:


Coed Intramural Flag Football 

At The Poker Table

Wedding Party Entrance:  

Pro-Lacrosse Halftime Event 

Vs The Dreaded Infinity Bull

VS. More Mascots - Fuck That Llama

Still got it.  Maybe.  Can only hope it skips a generation or 8.  

Live now in Verdansk for #TryoutTuesday if you'd like to stop by and say hi: 

Let's do this.