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I STILL Will Never Apologize For Making A Girl Cry On The Dodgeball Court

Clean shots.  

So this is making the rounds again today.  A few years back, we played dodgeball in the office.  Big whoop, right?  Wrong. Apparently people were all up and arms because I made a girl cry on the court.  

Ok...maybe she didn’t tear up. But the fact remains. Equal rights, equal fights. Especially when it was Barstool Idol Week and you’re trying to prove you can wrestle with the big dogs. There’s no gender on the dodgeball court. If you’re willing to step onto the field of battle you have to be fine with getting shot. And I’ll give her credit, Amy proved her worth and I’ll forever remember her name because of it. And it’s not necessarily a “Dodgeball” thing. It’s a “Winning” thing. I’d like to claim compassion by saying I’m not some sort of competitive monster, but then again I’ve gone to embarrassing lengths of cheating at Candyland to not allow my nieces to come out on top. Not everyone gets a trophy in life. Sorry I’m not sorry. 

Now please enjoy more dodgeball related content, most of which is with people who no longer work for Barstool. Godspeed.

PS – Somehow this isn’t my most embarrassing Dodgeball incident as I told the story on a Barstool Drive Time (RIP) of how I sent a (girl) friend to the hospital via dodgeball on the courts of the Upper Main Line YMCA. A pure POW! Right to the kisser that resulted in a punctured ear drum. Actually felt bad about that one. But, hey, I’m a good shot. What do you want from me? I’ll dig the fucking hole.

PSS - Now Balls and I do more glory with WSD and NFL Kickers at 1.  Tune in.