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This Is The Hottest Skinny Post These Eyes Have Ever Seen

I LOVE a good skinny post. Not sure if you guys know that about me or not. Really have a strong appreciation for great route runner. Go back and watch prime-time Cincinnati Bengals Chad Ochocinco. Incredible feet. Ran nearly perfect routes. However...never have I ever watched a skinny post more beautiful than this. Robin Bone making it look easy. Explosive off the line, creates separation at the top of the route, finishes the play with soft hands and an easy catch. Best Canadian WR I've ever seen. No offense to my guy Chase Claypool. 

I am obsessed with this girl Robin Bone. This is my second blog about her. Maybe I just have a thing for girls who can do both because jesus christ look at this

Robin Bone, make her a household name by whenever the next Olympics happen