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Meet Canadian Pole Vaulter Robin Bone: The Heir Apparent To Allison Stokke For Hot Track Stars

In the words of Pop Smoke and tiktok trends....I think I'm falling in lovvvvveeee. Early early Barstool people should remember the original Pole Vault queen of the internet, Allison Stokke. Took the entire internet by storm in like 2006 or something with one single picture. She pre-dated twitter and instagram and she still went crazy viral. Here is what she looks like in case you forgot or had parental controls on your internet back then

And now she is married to Ricky Fowler I guess so good for them.

Now, here to take her place as the hottest single(on her tax return at least) pole vaulter is Robin Bone. 

Sometimes God just decides to give particular humans ALL of the gifts. Super star athlete, absolutely breathtaking beauty, dance moves, big bright smile..this girl has everything. I just stumbled on her while trying to figure out how tiktok works and thought everyone would want to know who she is.