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So... Am I "Garbage" Or Not?

In case you missed it, there's a podcast (appropriately) named "Are You Garbage" and it's HILARIOUS. A coupla Philly scumbag comedians H. Foley and Kevin Ryan ask weekly guests (including our own soon-to-be mama Kate, Kevin F Clancy and Garbage Boy John Feitelberg) a bunch of questions and then decide if you are garbagio, class or a percentage somewhere in between. 

They put you through the fucking ringer. It was the hardest I have laughed in a LONG time. 

These guys are awesome.

I got questions that brought out stories like how the fridge in my parent's garage fridge ended up with a bunch of Keystone Light, growing up playing the harp while also attending a catholic school when my family isn't even remotely Catholic, why I pierced my tongue four (4) times in college, diagnosing my own my OCD… etc, etc, etc. 

and of course, the Young Money tattoo story had to be snuck in too. 

Spoiler: I'm the first guest EVER to receive the rating I was given. Let's just say the word "enigma" was used. 

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Thanks for having me, boys! You truly never forget your first.