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To The Podcast Who Decided I Was "Garbage"...

...Thanks for having me on!! 

It was a delight to be on the receiving end of such a fun, creative interview-of-sorts and brought back a ton of memories from being a reaaaal sloot in college to wacky family traditions to knick-knacks in my childhood home. I walked away from that studio with a smile on my face despite confirmation that, spoiler alert, I'm an enormous piece of shit. Genuinely good time. 

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The 'Are You Garbage' pod is hosted by comedians H. Foley and Kevin Ryan and each week they put different guests (all way more talented & well-known than myself like Ari Shaffir & fellow Barstooler Jim Florentine) up against a series of questions that helps them decide if that guest is garbage. If you're sitting on the toilet for the long haul or something you can check mine out above.

Among questions you might hear on other episodes - "Do you take shampoo from hotels? Own a George Foreman Grill? Ever worn JNCO Jeans?"

And among the ones they asked me on their quest to decide if I was garbage or not:

Have you ever had to call 911 on someone in your family?

Have you ever smoked weed out of a soda/beer can?

Was there an extra fridge in your garage growing up?

Did your family have a finished basement?

Did your family eat dinner together at the table each night / was the TV on during the meal?

Tostino Pizza Rolls or Bagel Bites? 

Are there condiments on your Thanksgiving table? Is ketchup among them?

Do you put chips on your sandwiches?

How many nights per week do you drink?

Does anyone in your extended family pronounce the days of the week, "Mondee, Tuesdee, Wednesdee"? 

Any pet reptiles?

Did your house have pre-made chocolate milk or did you make it yourself? If so, milk or syrup first?

As they asked some of these questions I wasn't 100% sure if an answer meant I was garbage or not. Is a garage fridge trashy or classy in their eyes? Is it bad that I put salt & vinegar chips on every sandwich from PB&J to hoagies to meatball subs? As you read that list did you find yourself saying 'yes' or 'no' and wondering if you were a heaping pile of dirt?

Anyways, not sure what the rules (don't think we have those?) are on promoting a show outside of Barstool but had such a good time not only being on it but listening to the other eps that I'm happy to recommend if you're looking for some fun, light listening that will get you cracking up about your own life. 


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