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Getting a Random FaceTime From The Entire Kardashian Family Staring Directly Into Your Soul Has To Be The Scariest Thing Imaginable

I'm not as well-versed in the TikTok game as others, but I've seen this trend going around where a bunch of girls will randomly FaceTime a guy to get their immediate reaction. If I knew enough girls for this to happen to me I'd probably do something really awkward and promptly walk into moving traffic thus ending my life. Well, imagine getting a surprise call from Kris Jenner, Kourtney, Khloe, Kim, Kylie, and Kendall? Oh yeah they don't say a goddamn word either. Just straight death stare into your soul seemingly accusing you of murdering their best friend. Fun times for all!

Who was their first victim? None other than Tristan Thompson. This man has been through a whole lot of shit and then some with this godforsaken family. It seems damn near impossible he's still involved given the past, but here is in 2020 doing his thing. No joke I had to read a timeline of their history to see if he was still with Khloe just to be sure. A simple timeline article was the same length as one of KB's in depth blogs. Shit is as complicated as it gets when it comes to those two (Khloe and Tristan...well I guess KB too). Surprisingly Tristan's reaction here was more excitement more than trepidation. Props on the acting lessons paying off good sir. Keep in mind anytime you get a call from Khloe you never know if she did one of her face changing things where she looks like a completely different human being than the last time you saw her. Here's an updated version to catch you up.  

I can only imagine the thoughts racing through Tristan's head seeing those 12 eyes staring directly into his soul. The ol "fuck, they know I'm a dead man" panic alarms sounding off even if you did absolutely nothing wrong. I assume the moment he hung up he promptly fainted onto the floor in relief. 

Next up, the Biebs. I feel like it takes a lot to make Justin Bieber feel uncomfortable or confused these days. Did he do something wrong? Now given he's never played in the NBA he's likely in the clear by default, but it's any man's instinct in that spot to immediately put themselves in the wrong. Probably the most relatable he's ever been to be honest. Addison Rae chiming with a very similar vibe herself kinda praying she didn't accidentally mess with anyone's mans.  I respect Luka Sabbat (I don't know who this is) pretending he was having an aneurysm. When in doubt with women, just don't say a fucking word and no one can really fault you. Just kinda came up with that saying on my own and it's honestly genius. Thank you. 

Lastly, CAN WE SPELL DAVE CHAPPELLE'S NAME RIGHT??? For the love of God if you're lucky enough to be that close with Chappelle that he's going to answer a random FaceTime from you the least you can do is put some goddamn respect on his name. That infuriated me to no end. Such a perfect response from him too ripping a cig and being completely petrified. Wouldn't picture it any other way. As always he stole the show. Shout out to Travis Scott who just hung up the moment he realized that death trap was upon him. Not today you Illuminati motherfuckers. 

P.S. Khloe mentions on her instagram that there's a part 2 coming. It better just be the NBA version where they hit up every basketball player in their contacts.