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Remember The Australian Surfer Ellie Jean Coffey, That Started Her Own Modeling Website Along With Her Sister? We Did A Zoom Interview To Discuss Surfing, Business, And Life In Australia

A few months back I blogged about Ellie Jean Coffey and her famous surfing family in Australia.

She read it and reached out to say she was a big Barstool fan and elaborate on her new business venture and some of the challenges she faced being a female on the pro surfing circuit in Australia. There was so much behind it we decided to get on a zoom to discuss with the help of her business partner Nick McCandless

The talk discussion went great. As you'll see Ellie is really smart and funny, and has a great general outlook on things. She's super chill and was a good time to talk shop with. 


Thanks to Ellie and Nick. 

Check out Ellie Jean at - and

And Nick McCandless at -

p.s.- apologies in advance for my nasally voice and once again plugging Donnie, WSD, and my surfing the Chicago River