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Jake Paul Is A Fraud And I Want To Fight Him At Rough N Rowdy

First of all: He's not 6'1", 189 lbs. by any means. Look at this:

I lined up the only comparative photos I could find to show our size differential. Then I cut out the in-between photos to result in this. 

Next to these two 5'10 kings, it is easy to say Jake Paul is not 6'1. If he is 6'1 I am 6'6. (I'm like 6'3")

I know the angles of the pictures are wildly different but he cannot be 6'1". I have more proof:


Nate Robinson was 5'7-8ish at the NBA combine, Jake Paul wore that headdress to legit seem taller, his poofy hair and shit are to make him seem bigger like a peacock's feathers.

Ok, so I have 6-7 inches on him. Why does that matter when he has boxing skills while I do not?

Because the only reason he looked so good was he fought the only professional athlete he could find with a shorter reach than him to give him any sort of legitimacy. Nate couldn't get in any solid hits in because Jake kept him at a distance.

I'm not saying I can beat him. But at this point, with no training, my long ass arms (with my max bench at 285) could 100% keep him at a distance and not get knocked out like Nate Robinson. Ask me after 3 months of training and I would tell you I could whoop "The Problem Child's" ass. 

What makes me more pissed is videos like this:

He is knocking out dudes! Oh my god!

Oh wait, he is not a knockout artist. He's just a huge asshole. 

From what I have picked up from my friends who box, the internet, and common sense, is that knocking out dudes helping train you is like hurting your own teammates in practice. In some of these clips, you see him not wearing headgear, which means his sparring partner is not trying to hurt him and they might be trying to work on things like combos or footwork. JAKE IS LEGITIMATELY KNOCKING OUT AMATEUR FIGHTERS WHO ARE PROBABLY PAID MINIMUM WAGE TO TRAIN HIM AND ALSO TOLD NOT TO TRY TO HURT HIM! It would be like an NFL player taking crackback blocks on practice squad players who are 100% in their best interest not to hurt a starter. 

I think he's a fraud. All he's got is a flat-footed right hook.

Oh, also the dude """allegedly""" has major steroid nipples.

Look at the cone shape on those nipples, serious Gynocomastia. The only thing I will give him is he has punch power but he's got a little help. 


Jake Paul:

Anyway, I am a nobody in the scheme of things and this fight will probably never happen. But as Hank has told me: crazier things have occurred at Barstool. You wouldn't have to pay me big money so it would be an extremely cost-effective fight. Also, it would help motivate me to workout. 

(I know the method of this comparison is completely invalid just go with it)