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The Five Best Steelers Moments In Their Color Rush Jerseys

The Steelers are "scheduled" to play on Tuesday night against the Baltimore Ravens after getting pushed back twice from Thanksgiving night to Sunday afternoon to finally, hopefully, Tuesday night at Heinz Field. 

Not only are they supposed to be playing on Tuesday night, but they are set to wear their all-black color rush uniforms for the first time in 2020. 

These are great. They're the best, coolest uniform in the NFL in my personal opinion. 

They were introduced for the first time in 2016 on Christmas night against, who else, the Baltimore Ravens when color rush was all the rage. Pittsburgh has dominated when wearing them, too. They're 5-1 while wearing the color rush killers with wins over the Ravens to clinch the division, a beatdown of the Panthers on national TV, and a December thriller over the Pats. 

There's been plenty of great moments while wearing these. Here's my top 5 heading into Tuesday night:

5. Antonio Brown Helmet Catch, 2017 vs. Titans

As I was thinking about this list I got more and more frustrated because I realized it's really impossible to make a true list about these uniforms without including…Antonio Brown. I could go the route of excluding him completely and only using plays that obviously didn't involve him, but I really just feel like it wouldn't be doing those moments in real time justice. Regardless of your feelings about Antonio Brown (mine are not very high), this play was unbelievable. 

Spinning, catching with one hand, on the helmet. Unreal. 

4. Vince Williams Pick-6, 2018 vs. Panthers

Another Thursday Night Football beatdown in these bad boys. It was early. Still in the 1st quarter. Outcome obviously still in doubt. 7-7. TJ Watt rushes unblocked off the edge, looks like he's going to bring Newton down for a safety then HOLY SHIT HE'S ACTUALLY THROWING IT, and Vince Williams flies right underneath it and takes it back to the house. From there it was over.

3. JuJu Smith-Schuster 75 Yard Touchdown, 2018 vs. Panthers

This was big time because Carolina got the ball to start the game and drove for five minutes down the field for a touchdown on the opening drive. Yikes. That silenced Heinz Field pretty quickly then BAM the first play the Steelers have the ball Big Ben pumps, and hits a wide open JuJu for another bomb. Totally swung the game back in the Steelers favor and got the crowd getting raucous again after the defense came out flat on the first series. 

2. Joe Haden Interception, 2018 vs. Patriots

This was an odd game with a few outstanding moments including this interception. The Steelers had to not only beat the Pats, but then go on the road and win in New Orleans the next week if they were to make the playoffs after collapsing down the stretch in 2018. So this ended up not being as big of a moment as it could have been if the Steelers would have went on to make the playoffs and make a run, but anytime you can beat the Tom Brady-Bill Belichick Patriots in Pittsburgh is a great thing especially when a play like this changes the game. 

7:49 left in the game. Steelers up 14-10. Patriots have 2nd & goal driving. Brady gets pressured up the middle from Cam Heyward, does a very non-Brady like thing and throws it up for grabs, Gronk & Edelman are around it on the sideline when out of nowhere Joe Haden skies Air Jordan style and snags it out of there while somehow getting two feet down. Steelers ball. Wind up winning 17-10.

1. Antonio Brown Immaculate Extension, 2016 vs. Ravens

Fitting that in the uniform's debut we had the best play in them. Again, it sucks that we have to bring back Antonio Brown, but this play was all-time. It won a division. Against the Ravens. On Christmas. 9 seconds left. Do or die. It has to be number one. It has to be. 

Hopefully Tuesday night can bring us another one to put on this list. Here We Go.