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It's Tough When The Referee Slams Your Head Into The Canvas After Getting KO'd Standing

Okay, first things first - that was a fucking CRAZY knockout. Legitimately gasped the first time I watched it. Even the fighter who KO'd that poor sunofabitch was confused for a sec, you can see the look on his face!


Looked like a video game glitch or something the way he just stood stiff-as-a-board up against the cage like that!

Alright - now can we talk about the ref?! For a second I actually thought, "Oh, good - at least the guy in there is a professional, setting that unconscious, DEFINITELY concussed, hurt fighter down nice and gently…."

….and that quickly transitioned to, "Well he's just gotta watch the head there, watch that head ref, oh my god watch the hea-"


Welp. Guess not, then! Thanks but no thanks. Not a lick of concern for the mush inside that man's cranium. Oh well!  

Hopefully the fighter's all good. 

So unfortunate that he had to trust that shitty ref with his health and safety….pretty funny clip tho. Not gonna lie.