Seems Like JT Daniels Should've Been Starting At QB For Georgia All Along

A theme of the 2020 college football season has been: why the hell isn't JT Daniels starting at QB for Georgia? 

At first, Stetson Bennett wasn't bad. The Mailman seemed like he could lead the Georgia team to wins....and then the Alabama game happened. After that, the Florida game happened. Stetson did get hurt, but overall Georgia threw for under 100 yards as they got blown out by Florida.

And then today JT Daniels arrived:

This was the stat that popped out to me:

The fact that Jake Fromm never did that? Crazy to me. He started out with so much promise.

Why wasn't JT Daniels starting this entire time? Who knows. There have been rumors of insurance issues with the company he has a policy with. Maybe Kirby just doesn't like him? I don't buy that. 

He ended up throwing for 400 yards and guess what? He loves the state of Georgia.

Some more context on why JT Daniels wasn't playing, from JT Daniels:

How about that absolutely misleading first tweet from that journalist?