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Mike Perry Misses Weight After Live-Tweeting Brutal Cut, Dabs On The Scale Anyway


I won't lie, the dab got a big confused laugh outta me, but this definitely ain't a great addition onto Mike Perry's track record as of late. 

Reader: "What do you mean by that, Robbie? I'm not familiar with this fella! Casual MMA fan at best here!" 

Well - from firing his entire team/corner, to catching some harsh domestic violence allegations from his ex-wife/former coach (which he denied again yesterday), to recently drunkenly knocking out an old guy at a bar for touching him - 2020 hasn't been the best year for Perry when it comes to the headlines he has made outside-the-octagon. 

Reader: "Hey Robbie, this guy sounds like he behaves quite like someone YOU'RE very publicly a fan of as well, does he not?"

Umm…to that, I'd say - this blog is about Mike Perry. Let's get back to him.

Last night, Perry was live-tweeting his own seemingly brutal weight cut, and warning that he may not make it to the welterweight limit….

….and he did not, in fact, make weight this afternoon. He'll now forfeit 30% of his purse to opponent Tim Means.

Cutting weight is one of the most dangerous aspects of the entire sport, and seeing someone that has fought through this….

….describe it as: "death" is incredibly scary and just makes me cringe/my stomach curl to think about. They really gotta do something about that shitty system in the next few years before something really bad happens. 

(That's a big ol' pipe dream, I know, but maaaan - when are we gonna learn?)

Hopefully Perry hydrates up and gets as healthy as possible before his fight with Means tomorrow, because it is still scheduled to go on as of this writing, and all outside distractions aside, it should be a banger of a fight. That one has got fireworks written all over it with two absolute savages ready to square off. 

Check out my interview with Uncle Dana ahead of the PPV if you haven't yet here: