UFC Fighter Mike Perry Drunkenly KOs Old Man After Bar Fight, Drops A Couple N-Bombs On The Way Out

Yiiiiikes. That ain't good! None of that is good. It is all, in fact, bad. 

Punching an old guy in a bar? Eh - it happens - but the insane, almost barbaric screaming and N-word spouting in that girl's face at the end there?!

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On a serious note - the punching an old guy thing ain't cool at all. I'm just kidding about that. He could be serrrriously hurt from that shot, and he looked like he was just trying to diffuse the situation and get Mike Perry to leave. I'm just kinda in an interesting position commenting on it and reprimanding Mike Perry for it, even tho I think it's a big part of what makes this video such a cuttable offense, because Conor McGregor onc-ah fuck it you get it! 

I do think the UFC actually may have to cut Mike Perry soon - if not because of this video, just because he's flying off the handle in a way that makes him so hard to predict. Watch any interview with him from the past few months....he ain't coming off like a sane man. One could argue he's never come off sane - and he has famously used the N-word (and ridiculously defended it, saying he's 2% African) many times before....

....but it seems something has flipped recently that's kinda just terrifying to be an onlooker of. It reminds me of Mayhem Miller losing control. You just can't have that. It's actually pretty depressing to watch. Hopefully he gets some help.