What Does James 'Buster' Corley Think About the Famous 'Buster's Guy' Who Made His Way Around the Internet?'

On today's Pardon My Take, Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter brought in a guest who is behind the place that we all know and love: Dave & Buster's. That's right, James "Buster" Corley joined the show to discuss how he founded the best arcade spot to ever exist, some of his favorite games, and of course, "Buster's Guy." For context, here is a clip from the Monday Reading we did on the show last summer:

So, what does the real Buster think about this phenomenon? Here is what he had to say...

Mr. Cat: Has anyone told you about the famous "Buster Guy" from the internet that we talked about a few months ago?

Buster: As a matter of fact, I was watching that before. I wanted to get a feel for this, I was watching it before we came on air, and I'd like to meet this guy. 

Mr. Cat: Maybe give the girlfriend some free some free gift certificates.

Buster: For life, yeah.

Mr. Cat: Oooohhh, can you do that?

Buster: Just wave a wand over and make it happen. 

Mr. Cat: Yeah, like a Dave & Buster's black card.

Buster: That's the only superpower I have, yeah. 

Mr. Cat: Wait, can we have one? What do we have to do to get one?

Buster: Oh no, not yet. We just met. 

Mr. Commenter: It doesn't have to actually do anything, but if I had just a metallic card in my pocket that said "Lifetime Member at Dave & Buster's." Do you have one?

(Buster whips out a card)

Mr. Cat: What is that? What does that do? You can walk into any Dave & Buster's, and it's just like, free reign?

Buster: Oh yeah. Oh yeah.

What a legend this guy is. Everyone had or knows someone that had a birthday party at D&B. Good times, great prizes, and an amazing arrangement of games. Yours truly once won an Xbox playing "Stacker" back in the day. True story. Long live Dave & Buster's.