Wake Up With 15 Minutes of Brad Pitt Eating

This is another one of those movie things that once you see it, you can't unsee it. If you listen to actors' podcasts, you quickly realize they don't like having to eat on camera because they do multiple takes of each scene. So, for example, if the staff at Dunder-Mifflin are having a hot dog eating competition on a beach, that means having to swallow multiple hot dogs each time, multiplied by however many takes they need to get it done. Or they're spitting up chewed food into a bucket and the gag reflex starts kicking in.

But here's Brad Pitt, one of the 10 biggest stars in the world for the last like 30 years, and he's turned stuffing his face into more than an affectation; it's a career. He must get all these scenes done in one take. He'd have to, or he'd look like Chris Christie instead of the chiseled, handsome bohunk he remains. The Daniel Day Lewis of method eating. If they ever make an Oscar category for Best Performance in Food, the five nominees will all be him. Bon apetit.