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BIG News: Tiger and Charlie Woods Are Playing In The PNC Father-Son Challenge Next Month

HUGE news here. Hello world part II. We thought we wouldn’t see Tiger again until Torrey Pines, but this isn’t really about Tiger, is it?

Little by little we’ve been hearing more and more about 11 year-old Charlie Woods. Since becoming one of the most lasting images of one of sports’ most immortal moments at last April’s Masters, young Chuck has launched an assault on the South Florida Junior Circuit. He’s won by multiple shots on multiple occasions, often times with his old man on the bag. I mean what an intimidating sight this has gotta be for all of those Florida youngsters when they show up to the range.

Much was made when that video surfaced about whether it was appropriate to be recording an 11 year old’s golf swing and whether it might be too much too soon for a kid who will clearly have the weight of the world on his shoulders. Anyone saying that can kick rocks because that pressure is unavoidable and inevitable, and by all intents and purposes Tiger has been a great father as Charlie has grown older and taken up the game of golf. Most importantly, this is an answer to those questions that Charlie is coming and he’s not going to be hidden from the world. It’s going to be fun to watch what Charlie's got and more importantly, it's going to be fun to watch Tiger and Charlie enjoy the stage together.