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Charlie Woods (Son Of Tiger Woods) Spent The Weekend Dominating A Golf Event In Florida And Beating The Field By 5 Strokes


First things first, is it weird that we're talking about an 11-year-old's performance at a tournament and calling him the Second Coming of the Woods golf empire? I'm open to that answer being yes. It's probably unfair to put such expectations on a kid who's five years away from being able to drive a car buttttttttttt it is Tiger Woods' son we're talking about here. How many clips have we seen of Bronny James over the years in gyms across the country? A BILLION. Literally a billion. Posting clips of Bronny James doing anything is how Bleacher Report's twitter account has survived quarantine. Yet you don't see anybody wagging their internet finger and being like, "Hey you shouldn't be putting such high expectations on him!" What's the difference? There isn't one.

And it's not like Tiger hasn't talked about Charlie being into golf 

Look how happy Tiger is talking about Charlie's game. He's thrilled that him and his son get to spend time together like him and Earl did. So Charlie taking up the game of golf isn't a secret. The results of that tournament in Florida are publicly available. We're simply talking about a kid who may or may not be the future of golf and he happens to be the son of the greatest golfer of all time. That's all.

Lastly, CHARLIE FUCKING SMOKED THOSE KIDS. Smoked'em! They never had a chance! They never had a shot! Charlie beating those kids by 5 strokes in a 9-hole event is basically the 2000 US Open all over. The rest of the field couldn't even get under par, just like at Pebble Beach. Pure and utter domination yet again by a golfer with the last name Woods. Again, I don't want to put crazy expectations on Charlie Woods, but he has to be the favorite to win the 2031 Masters, right? He just has to be. Who else would it be? Charlie Woods has to be the favorite. Just look what he did to those poor kids in Florida this weekend. Boat raced them. Not to mention Charlie's dad (Tiger Woods) was on his bag. Imagine being the other kids in that tournament and seeing Tiger fucking Woods at your golf tournament? It was over right then and there. Most of those young kids probably don't even understand how much of a legend Tiger is except they see their own dads shitting their pants at the sight of the guy.

Long story short, Charlie Woods is gonna be a PROBLEM.

See ya in 10 years

PS- Does Frankie Muniz have a kid?