Al Horford's Siblings Hop On Al's Coattails To Hitch Ride Out Of Philadelphia, Middle Fingers Waving

It's no secret to anyone that Horford wasn't a good fit with the Sixers & hopes quickly fizzled as we waited for him to do something, but to no avail.  

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So it wasn't surprising to hear the Philly folks in the office let out a small cheer when the Woj news dropped, exemplified in a clip from this elated Smitty blog on the subject: 

Getting rid of Horford's contract for those picks were alone worth it (Green and Ferguson are just lovely sweeteners).  The move is the definition of addition by subtraction.  No zillion dollar contract hogging the books and no zillion pound mass clogging the lane (except for when Al decided to chuck 3's no less than 482 times a game, of course).

It's not like the anger at Horford turning out to be a dud is arbitrary.. Even CelticsWire noted, 

"…it’s fair to say the Philadelphia 76ers fanbase gave Al Horford a fair shake for about as long as they give anyone.."

And as much as we were done with him, his family was done with us, too… Al's sister Anna has been causing a stir on Twitter tonight as she bids Philly & some of its internet trolls farewell.

"Philly fans, we never really got a chance to bond or get to know each other…"

Well I feel like that was pretty mutual because Al stunk it up. But yeah, goes without saying that anyone coming at Anna in the ways she highlighted is a loser. If you're on the internet calling a woman a slut to try & get a point across you've already lost & are in much sadder shape than anything you could ever make her feel, and you're openly advertising it. You're in the wrong & pathetic. 

That being said, the other thing crossing my mind as I followed this storyline was, "Wait, why do people care what Al Horford's siblings thinks about any of this?" I've never seen big news about an athlete I follow & quickly scrambled to see how their cousin Stevie feels. At first I wasn't sure who they were & had to Google it to get the dynamics straight & then felt like their whole vibe was kind of weird. Genuinely just not sure where siblings of a player come into play & if it's awkward for Al that they're so involved. Do any real fans care or is it just relatives riding coat tails for relevancy on this one? Al's brother Josh also jumped into it & was equally shocked when the lame-o trolls came ah-trollin'. Got a blog outta me so who knows. 

Confused as I am, at least Gaz knows where he stands…