Robinson Cano Has Been Suspended For The 2021 Season After Testing Positive For PEDs And Has To Forfeit His $24 Million Salary

ROBBIE CANO, HATE TO SEE YA GO!!! I can't wait to find out how Steve Cohen rigged Robinson Cano's drug test to open up an extra $24 million in payroll on the next season of Billions.

Even though Cano raked for a good chunk when he was healthy last year (perhaps with an assistance from Stanozolol), there is no denying that his presence gummed up the roster ever since Brodie traded for him and left a potential batting champion like Jeff McNeil to be a superutility player that bounced around the diamond like Joe McEwing. Now that Cano is gone, The #HITS6OD can move back to 2nd and whoever is lucky enough to become the next Mets GM can figure out who lines up next to him at Shortstop and 3rd, either someone from the 2019 Mets or the 2018 All-Star team. Maybe even someone already in New York to cut down on traveling during this global pandemic.

Everything is truly coming up Mets right now and I don't even know how to handle it. Not sure where Cano goes from here but he has 2 strikes on him and is one away from a lifetime ban. Hopefully Uncle Stevie's piss guy is already cooking something to free up even more cash before Cano lollygags back to the team in 2022. 

All in all I feel a lot better about the Cano deal today than I did two years ago now that Uncle Stevie is here, another year of Cano is off the books, and Edwin Diaz has the hottest entrance music in baseball.

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