It Did Not Take Long For Us To Get Our First Celtics Draft Trade Rumor

Getty Images.

I mean was this the most predictable tweet of all time? Has to be. If you woke up this morning as a Celtics and did not expect to see a tweet like this well then I don't know where you've been the last 17 years. This is how things go. I'd put the chances of the Celtics getting into the top 3 at like 0.001%. But everyone knows if you put out a trade tweet and put the Celtics in it, it'll do numbers. This is what I think people don't get. Ainge literally calls about anything and everything. Even shit that would never in a million years happen. When those outrageous ideas don't happen (like this one), he then gets killed for not making trades. It's a endless circle that will go on for the rest of time. 

You have the Wolves/Warriors/Hornets in the top 3 unless they trade out. But let's use that as the three that'll be there later tonight. My guess is the target here would be Wiseman? They don't need Anthony Edwards, I can't imagine Ainge would be this in love with LaMelo Ball, and to get this high you probably have to trade Hayward/Kemba AND Smart to get good enough assets. At that point, why would any of those teams make that deal? Unless you trade Kemba to CHI or something, you don't have high enough lottery picks to convince any of these teams to give you a top 3 pick I would imagine. Is the play Smart + all the picks to GS? I would think they are looking for a better return for 2+Wiggins. 

So my advice is this. There will be plenty of opportunities to get mad at Ainge tonight if you want. Look at the trade the Knicks just made. They moved 27 and 38 to get up to 23. That is a deal the Celtics can make. That is realistic. I'm someone that does feel he needs to combine picks one way or another, either to move up or for a veteran, but I'm not going to freak out if he somehow doesn't get into the top 3 because I know that is not very realistic. 

Everyone just take a deep breath. We have a long way to go and there will be plenty more where this rumor came from.