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Sweet Child With Down Syndrome Comforts His Buddy Who Has Autism And Restores Some Goodness In The World

Every now and then I just need to put down my pocket book and have a good cry. Today was one of those days. Crestfallen because of the roll out of fleets on twitter, I was having a bad morning that looked like it would turn into a bad afternoon. Wouldn’t you know it, the tides turned like a pack of race cars nearing the end of a straight way. The sad clouds sped through the banked turns and deposited a little sunshine into my wife.

I don’t know what the sad pal was sad about but the look on his face tells you everything you need to know. That type of sad is contagious. It can spread like a wildfire without the benefit of proper forest floor maintenance. Luckily, we had a brave boy ready to stand in the gap and act like a sea wall and keep the seas of sadness at bay.

In fact, the last time I saw someone this sad it was Charlie Bucket’s mom. Charlie’s never wanted her beautiful boy to grow on a bounty of just cabbage and barley broth. She wanted his happiness which is what we should all want for each other. I’m glad we got that reminder this morning.

Good work, everybody.