We Got Not One, But TWO Witching Hours Yesterday With The NFL And It Was Awesome

Gregory Payan. Shutterstock Images.

NFL Sunday is a day of pure chaos that we value and cherish more than our loved ones. I don't want to do a single thing aside from watch football and order some delivery that's going to later make me question if my heart is going to stop. The early slate is loaded with games followed by a light round of late afternoon contests to send us into Sunday night. The witching hour for the early games is wild. Pure anarchy. Sometimes it can be too hard to track even with Red Zone going on. My useless Sunday brain almost always turns to mush with so much going on. Then the second half the day hits and things slow down completely. To be honest you really don't even need Red Zone once the early games end and it's kinda sad. 

Yesterday we got something completely different. Because of The Masters moving to November, CBS did not air a single game during the 1:00 slate. The result was a balanced amount of games spread throughout the day as opposed to the usually stacked early situation: 5 games to kick off the day, followed by 6 at 4:00/4:25. We got not one, but TWO witching hours! I know it was a lot to handle, but at the end of the day it was fucking awesome….unless maybe you had 50k on the Bills moneyline. 

I always enter a Sunday and get sad when 4:25 hits with everything slowed down. Give me non-stop chaos, I can. I don't want a second to catch my breath. I want to sit on my couch on Sunday with my heart pumping 3000 beats a minute from 1:00 until 7:30. I could be alone in this thinking, but I hope they sprinkle this in moving forward.