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Tyga, Who Reportedly Makes MILLIONS Of Dollars Per Month On His Only Fans, Is Being Sued For Refusing To Pay His Rent

Source - The rapper’s most recent lawsuit stems from the Los Angeles native allegedly failing to pay rent and trashing an LA home.

According to reports from TMZ, the landlord claims the rapper didn’t pay $32,000 he owed upon moving out of the property in April, after renting it for almost a year. The landlord goes on to say that Tyga left gouges in the kitchen flooring, which amounted to $27,650 in repairs, as well as damaging marble flooring and counters ($15,575) and the walls ($103,160). Plus, the rapper reportedly installed a basketball hoop that damaged the driveway and new locks that wrecked the entry door, neither of which he had permission to install.

While the landlord insists he tried to settle the issue through mediation back in May, Tyga reportedly declined to figure it out. Now, the landlord is suing for breach of contract and seeking over $200,000 in damages.

Tyga, Tyga, Tyga...smh. It'd be one thing if he was hurting for cash or didn't have a billionaire baby mama, but according to a completely unverified report that came out in early October, he's making millions upon millions of dollars per month showing his dick on OnlyFans. Here are the top four earners...  

You can read the rest of the list here. As for whether or not those numbers are true…of course they're not, but considering Bella Thorne made $1,000,000 in a single day, it's not crazy to think that Tyga is making at that in a month. Especially considering he's showing his full hog on camera. He's actually the only celebrity who goes full frontal so you really get when you pay for when you subscribe to his account. 

KFC did a rant on the Bella Throne OnlyFans if you want to check that out…

Back to Tyga. Am I suprised he's skipping out on rent? Of course not, he did the exact same thing in 2018 when he rented a house from makeup artist Mezghan Hussainy for $40k per month. In other words, he has a history of being a scumbag. I wonder what it is about young famous people that makes them feel like they don't have to fulfill their financial obligations. Remember when KMarko wrote about the Instagram influencer who screwed a family out of the rent on their Montauk House? Strange stuff. Hopefully Tyga still has Kylie's number so she can bail him out of this nightmare. If not he may have to reallocate some of the money from his new Spongebob song to cover the cost…

That's it for this one. Best of luck, Tyga! We'll be thinking of you.