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No, Frog Lady Is NOT The Fan Favorite Character Everybody Loves From The Mandalorian And We Are Not Making Her One Either

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NOPE. UH UH. ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! I don't know if this is the NY Post trying to go viral by trolling quote retweets from people's outrage with crazyland takes like the PISS boys do.

But we are not allowing the internet to make Frog Lady this beloved character despite sucking the life out of every scene like they did with Barb in Stranger Things once upon a time.

Shut up Barb!

Look, I appreciate the plight of Frog Lady trying to keep her species alive, love how stupid it is that her name is fucking Frog Lady and the captions say she is speaking Frog, and even may have cracked a smile when she reunited with Frog Guy in order from him to fertilize those eggs with his Frog Dick because despite being a Barstool Sports employee, I do indeed have a soul.

But other than that, Frog Lady is an absolute zero outside of giving cute Baby Yo a few slippery snacks that made me cringe the entire time. Comparing anybody to our sweet Baby Yo, let alone somebody that put that little batch of green in harm's way because she wanted to go for a soak in the middle of a spider high rise is crazier than saying The Last Jedi was good. Natalia from the one player campaign of Goldeneye 64 was less of a liability than Frog Lady was in that episode.

Not only is Frog Lady not a fan favorite, but she is now my personal least favorite character in the show. Yes, even less than that stupid lame young bounty hunter last season. Not only do I rebuke Frog Lady after all this nonsense but I now hope Baby Yo pops all those eggs into his mouth one at a time like we eat M&Ms, eats that random tadpole that was birthed last episode, then devours Frog Lady's goober husband right in front of her stupid fucking face before he eats that clean off her dumb frog head before finishing the job the way that cute littler fucker always does when he eats amphibian.

Fuck you New York Post for turning me into a monster.

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