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Watch Mike Gundy Absolutely Lose It on a Ref Because Kansas State's Band Won't Stop Playing

College football coaching is a world full of some pretty interesting characters, but there aren't many more entertaining than Oklahoma State's Mike Gundy. Today, we have some nice footage of him from last week losing it on a ref who's presumably 30 or so yards away because Kansas State's band wouldn't stop playing while his offense was set.

This is one of the many reasons why the NFL doesn't compare to college football. At no point does an NFL coach have to scream at a ref to try to get the other team's band to stop playing hip-hop songs from 2009 because his offense is trying to get a play called. But honestly, Gundy's team had already gotten all the way down to the 5-yard line with the band doing whatever it had been. Just punch it into the end zone and then call the ref over afterwards instead of popping a blood vessel.

Also, with this college football season being the way it is and fans either in limited capacity or not in stadiums at all, I say we should have high school rules and just give the bands free rein to play whenever and whatever they want. Let LSU's band play "Neck" and let the rest of the bands play while the ball is in play. Fuck it, it's 2020.

But any excuse for a Mike Gundy freakout is a good one.