Augusta National 1, Bryson DeChambeau 0

Bryson bulked. Bryson talked. Bryson lost.

What a colossal failure this week was by Bryson DeChambeau. He certainly got the people talking and credit to him for thinking outside the box, but to perform the way he did after all that Par 67 talk was a massive L.

I mean there were conversations about changing golf's most iconic venue because he was going to rip it apart. It was all anybody was talking about all week leading up to Thursday and then he fell flat on his face. Sprayed the ball all over the place, especially left. Jon Rahm made sure everyone knew of it on Thursday and Friday too. Fore left city. Swing big, miss big. He was lucky to just to play this weekend after making the cut on the number.

Golf is a game of feel and control and it always will be. That grip it and rip it shit may work at the Rocket Mortgage Classic and you might catch lightning in a bottle at Winged Foot, but you're simply not going to make a mockery of Augusta Fucking National by closing your eyes and swinging hard. There's certainly advantages to be gained by smashing the ball further and further, but it means nothing if you can't control it and score around the greens. ESPECIALLY at ANGC. Those are the facts and they always will be. 

Perfect example is the fact that he lost to a 63 year old.

 No offense to Mr. Langer, but Bryson had roughly an 80 yard advantage over him and still lost to him. That's really hard to do.

Bryson can keep ballooning and he'll probably have a lot of success other places if he does. But this just isn't the venue for it. Augusta National won. Bryson lost. Better luck next year.