Are We Being Conned By These Shitty, Shitty Spanish Art Restorers?

The last time I visited Spain in the blog it was to highlight the story about the cheap ass Spaniard who hired a furniture guy to restore a priceless painting.

Yeah. That worked out about as well as you think it would.

Obviously, there’s something in the water on the Iberian Peninsula, because for the third time in recent memory a Spaniard has shopped at the dollar store for art restoration. The results?


What once was a perfectly carved shape of a woman now has turned into a botched, potato like, chinless figure with the nose of Frosty The Snowman with a Tucker Carlson like hair cut. Twitter trolls online are saying this figure most closely resembles a cartoon of Donald Trump. 

I. Have. Questions. 

Why does this keep happening? Is this the greatest art troll of all time? Is this what Spain is going to be known for? Botched sculptures, paintings and frescoes that create a viral wave that sweep the world and draw tourists in from all around the world to see the train wreck live in action. Is the greatest long con of all time where we ultimately get a Spanish Botched Art Museum like the MOMA for fucked up restorations? I can see it. 

Maybe we’re seeing a continuation of the original Mon Chi Chi restoration  that first brought the world’s eyes upon Spain and its horrible no good art restorers. The 82 year old woman who completely botched this restoration? Yeah. She’s brought 150,000 tourists a year to come see her abortion of a painting. 

Folks, I think we’re being conned. 

I can see the locals in some dusty small Catalonian town. How can we bring in that sweet, sweet tourist money? Hold a festival? Nope. Let’s fuck up a piece of art, go viral, and rake in the money. 

Because let’s face it. No one can possibly be this bad.