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Brie Larson Just Dropped a 'Black Sheep' Dance Video From The Clouds And It's Fire

Well, I certainly didn't expect that. Brie Larson teased earlier in the week that she was dropping some Black Sheep content. She also did some Ariana Grande dancing but that's neither here nor there. 

Many assumed she would be doing a cover of Metric's 'Black Sheep' from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Is that even a cover if she's the singer in the movie? Who cares, any who she ended up dropping this dance video which was….something. I mean go off queen. Those moves were fire flames. Anyone upset? Yeah, didn't think so. 

If you've never seen Scott Pilgrim vs. The World this is what I'm referencing. 

And for the full video of how she did the dance, Brie just posted it on her YouTube.

I love this woman.