The Lovely Brie Larson Dancing To Some Ariana Grande And Entertaining The People As Per Usual

(As I was hitting publish she deleted the video tweet. I'm not sure why, maybe DMCA rules)

Ah it appears the lovely Brie Larson has graced with some more fantastic content. This time she's dancing to some Ariana Grande. Fantastic! She is the gift that keeps on giving. Larson, not Grande. Pretty sure Grande once said she hated America years before shit really hit the fan. Pass, we don't need any of that. Nah, Brie Larson is our queen. She knows what moves the needle. She knows how to give the people what they want. Last time on the blog it was her inspiring the lazy fucks at home, like myself, to work out. The results were great! 

One video or picture at a time Brie Larson is helping America get through the tough times of 2020. In 2019 she brought Britney back. Unrelated, but certainly a fact. What a woman. God bless. 

Stay tuned for Thursday