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The Lovely Brie Larson Inspires The World With a Full Workout Video

Brie Larson has done it again, this time gracing us with a full workout video to inspire us schmucks at home who refuse to do anything remotely active at any point in time. Incredible. Consider me inspired. 

Maybe I'll get bored this weekend and do some of this stuff. Probably not, but maybe. At some point my pristine metabolism is going to catch up with me and I'll wake up looking like Adam Sandler at the end of Click.  Maybe Brie can prevent that day from coming as soon as humanly possible with these workouts. 

She even relates to all of us by eating a cookie while her instructor tells her all the exercises they're going to do. Now I'm in. 

To answer the question you posed in the description of the video, yes please keep doing these videos. I love you.